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Find exactly what you are looking for when you search by location, property type and amenity below. Loon Reservation Service offers a wide variety of vacation rental options to choose from in Lincoln and Woodstock, New Hampshire. Guests can select condos, townhomes and private vacation homes located in and around Loon Mountain Ski Resort, and the surrounding area. Complete with a variety of amenities and features, search Loon Reservation Service rentals with access to hot tubs, pools and more! Want to bring Fido? We have pet friendly options too. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have it! Have questions? Click here, or please call 603-745-5666 and our experienced team will help you find the perfect New Hampshire vacation getaway!

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Your vacation in the White Mountain National Forest starts here! Click here to view Loon Reservation Service condo rentals available to kick your search off today.


Looking for a house to call home for your next Lincoln & Woodstock vacation? View these Loon Reservation Service homes & get ready for an amazing White Mountain experience!


Need something a little larger than a condo for your upcoming Lincoln, Woodstock NH vacation getaway? Loon Reservation Service has you covered!