Seasonal Rentals

Looking to stay for the entire ski season? Occasionally, our office is able to offer a winter seasonal rental in one of our homes. Seasonal rentals are typically booked for 186 nights or longer, to avoid tenants having to pay the State lodging tax. In exchange, the tenant pays the utilities for the entire booked time. Even if you only plan to use the home for December to March, the rate will likely be the same, plus you’ll have the tax to pay. Homes listed on this page are actively looking for a longer-term winter guest. You’ll find the specifics of rent, utilities, cleaning fee, etc. below, and you can follow the link to see the home in more detail.

Download the Extended Vacation Rental Offer form

If there are no homes listed, we do not have any seasonal rentals available, even if other homes show available for the time. Those owners are looking for short-term rentals only.