Seasonal Rentals

Currently, we don’t have any seasonal rentals available. When we have seasonal rentals, we’ll post them here.

Plummer Hill Seasonal Rental

16 Plummer Hill

  • 1-bedroom
  • 1-bath
  • no pets
  • 2nd floor
  • condo with garage
  • sleeps 2-4
  • priced at $8,000
  • plus $1,500 in prepaid utilities and a $200 cleaning fee

If you’re interested in any of these properties, please fill out and return the Seasonal Rental Offer Form via the button below.

If the arrival date has passed, and the home is still available, you can either add 186 nights to your new desired start date to avoid the lodging tax, or possibly offer for a shorter period, likely at the same rate, but adding that 8.5% tax.

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